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[lahyf-lahyn]: Noun. "A line or rope for saving life, etc."

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This is who and what we are as a League in DC Universe Online. 

Located on the USPC PVE Server and primarily based around the Eastern Standard Timezone (GMT -5), <Lifeline> is a group of active players that share a tight-knit sense of community and friendship, helping each other fight the forces of evil while progressing each of our characters into the best heroes that we can possibly be at the same time.

We are a casual and fairly laid-back sort of League with an emphasis on quality over quantity. We are not looking to be the most "elitist" or "hardcore" League out there in DCUO; we just want to have a great team where everyone helps each other out, knows each other's names, and above all else: HAVE FUN.

    We do it all here in <Lifeline>. Lv. 1-30 Storyline Missions, Alerts, Solo Challenges, Duos, and the occasional PVP match here and there. Don't feel like grinding for those valuable Marks of Triumph or Iconic Gear? No problem! Some days we just like to explore around the Maps, farm for Exobits, earn Feats, or search for those elusive Investigations/Briefings/Collections. The bottom line is this: we want you to play the game YOUR way, while offering you companionship and aid whenever you may need it.

We are currently recruiting ALL roles in DCUO. Controllers, DPS, Healers, and Tanks are all welcome and encouraged to apply for membership.

          So, whether you're new to the game, or just looking to dust off that old Lv. 30 character of yours and give him/her a new home, feel free to come on in and give us a try.

We hope to see you soon!
Guild News


xhalur, Jan 7, 13 12:31 AM.
As of the date of this writing, the senior and founding members of <Lifeline> will be on an indefinite hiatus from any and all League activities.

The reason for this being that our Leader and Vice Leader (Voltage Kitten and Hastilude, respectively) have fallen prey to the temptations of the dark-side and joined the Villain faction of DCUO! Any who wish to join us in this newfound endeavor will always be welcome in our recently-created Villain PVE League tentatively named <Deathline>.

While we of course will continue to log-in to our heroes from time to time (especially to run the Vault and to run future DLC and Seasonal content), our current interests lie solely on playing for the Villain faction for now. Our other heroic members of <Lifeline> are more than welcome to carry on in our good name, but do know that it may be a while before you see or hear from our beloved little kitty and her valiant knight again for quite some time to come.

Anyone currently interested in joining the dark-side of <Deathline> can do so by sending a League-request PM to either Lightning Kit or Demurrage.

Good luck to everyone involved! Who knows what the future may bring?

New Webiste Super Admin!

xhalur, Oct 25, 12 1:04 AM.
Effective immediately, RikaHeart, our lovable leader known for her characters Voltage Kitten and Galatea Gaia, will now share responsibilities for Moderating and maintaining <Lifeline>'s League website as a Super Admin alongside xhalur (Hastilude). Because of this, any and all future League issues will now be delegated between the both of us. Congratulations!

Announcing DLC6 : "Home Turf"!

xhalur, Oct 22, 12 1:10 PM.

Jens Andersen, Creative Director for DCUO, has unveiled plans for the game's next big DLC now known as "Home Turf"!

Being marketed towards the single player-base, more information regarding this future DLC can be found here.

DLC5: "Hand of Fate" - Available Now!

xhalur, Sep 19, 12 3:15 AM.
SOE and DCUO have released their fifth DLC, "Hand of Fate", available for purchase to Premium and Free-to-Play Members on September 18th. Legendary Members, or course, will get this DLC pack earlier and free of charge due to their monthly/annual subscriptions.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with this recent DLC pack and what it will offer players, feel free to look at the following discussion topic on the DCUO PC Forums here for all of the juicy details!

Lifeline is now Recruiting!

xhalur, Sep 13, 12 3:46 PM.
As the topic says, we are now recruiting heroes of ALL roles within DCUO, so let's get the word out, people!

Controllers, DPS, Healers, and Tanks are needed and encouraged to sign-up for membership. Anyone looking to join <Lifeline> can submit an application here on-site, or apply in-game either by sending Mail or a PM to Voltage Kitten, her alternate character Galatea Gaia, or Hastilude.
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